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JELSTUDIO's SkinTone and portrait-exposure 'Helper-LUT'

Two LUTs that help with setting white-balance and exposure

The LUTs use 'false-color' (Green for correct, blue for low, red for high) to make it easier to manually set skin-tone HUEs and skin-exposure level

Apply the SkinTone-LUT after your white-balance tool, then adjust temp and tint until you get green color where you want proper skin-tone

Apply the SkinExposure-LUT after your exposure-balance tool, then adjust exposure until you get green color where you want proper exposure (Avoid red color, which are clipped high-lights)

Technically these are CUBE and HALDC LUTs (For photo and video), which are compatible with software such as PhotoReactor, Luminar, Rawtherapee, Davinci Resolve, Photoshop, and most other software that can use CUBE and HALDC 3D-LUTs

There are two LUTs for skin-tone (Warm and cool) and 2 LUTs for exposure (Studio-portrait and mid-tone-gray)
(In the demo-video the 'warm skin-tone' and 'studio-portrait exposure' LUTs are used)

using the LUT

Some key-points:
  • 3D LUT-formats: CUBE, Hald Clut
  • Manual user-installation of LUT-files (no automatic .exe installation)
  • Password-protected zip-file with LUT-files inside (An email with the password will be automatically sent upon purchase)
  • These LUTs are not 'look-LUTs' or 'grading-LUTs', but 'helper-LUTs'. The user still have to adjust white-balance and exposure manually. These LUTs simply make it easier to reach the generally pleasing target-values
  • Two demo-LUTs included in the download so you can test if the LUTs work in your editor before buying

(Watch youtube demo)


DOWNLOAD: JELSTUDIO_LUTcollection_SkinTone_(20200523_demo,full).zip

Alternative download from cloud-sites: List of cloud-sites

Current version: 20200523 (YYYYMMDD)
File-size: < 2 MB
File-format: standard .zip file

After download: LUT files must be manually copied to your LUT plugin folder of choice. There is no auto-installer and no registry-changes. To un-install a LUT; simply delete it.

The download contains both the demo-version and the full paid-version in the same download.

When you buy a license you get a password to unlock the 7z compressed file containing the paid-version.
(There is an alternative self-unzipping archive included if you do not have the 7z unzipper-software)

Two demo-LUTs are included in the download (See the included sample-images to see what to expect from these two LUTs)
This will show you if the LUTs work on your system. To be on the safe side it is best to test these 2 demo-LUTs before making a purchase.

PURCHASE: https://sites.fastspring.com/jelstudio/instant/SkinToneLUTs

Sale is handled via fastspring.com (you can see your options when clicking purchase link above)

Please make sure you have thoroughly tested that the demo LUTs work as expected in your editor without issues before making a purchase!

What you buy is a user-license (in the form of the password needed to unlock the full version in the download file to the left)

Think of this user-license as if it was a piece of physical hardware you purchased (a device or machine, like a tape-recorder or mixing-desk, whether it is for your personal use or for use by employees in your company or students in your institution. You can copy it to your various personal computers as long as it is within common sense of fair-use)

The email you receive after purchase is your proof-of-purchase.

Be advised that JELSTUDIO does NOT get access to your credit-card info. Only your name, address and email.

TALK: Links in this section is to social-media, forums, review-sites, where you can read what others have to say about these LUTs

CONTACT: jelstudio@hotmail.com
Email for support or if you have questions, comments or suggestions.
You can also contact/follow JELSTUDIO at Twitter: https://twitter.com/JELSTUDIO

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