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JELSTUDIO's "1930sMovieSound"

A special effects plugin for LIVE or mixing/mastering use

1930sMovieSound makes audio sound technically like it originated in the 1930s

It works by processing the incoming signal automatically. It is best suited for talk and jazz (Especially styles that artistically mimic the style of the 1920s to 1940s)

Technically it is a 32/64 bit VST2 audio-effect plugin mainly for DAWs and sound/video-editors on Windows, but it can also be used in a LIVE VST-host (for example with LIVE stage-performance audio, or with music/TV home-stereo audio)

A few ideas of what 1930sMovieSound can be used for: Podcasts, RadioTheater, Jazz/Swing/BigBand/BrassBand, Cinema, and other work that aims to emulate that golden era's sound technically

1930sMovieSound VST plugin

Some of 1930sMovieSound's key-points:
  • Output volume is limited to 0 dB FS by safety brickwall-limiter
  • Zero latency (for LIVE use or for tracking)
  • Inputs mono and stereo signals
  • Default output signal is mono (Stereo can be selected)
  • For Windows 7, 8, 10
  • Zip with .dll (no .exe installation)
  • No DRM (Such as PhoneHome, iLok, etc)

(Read the PDF manual) | (Watch youtube demo)

If you buy, or already have bought, a license for "Otto" you get a license for all JELSTUDIO VST-plugins
Download all licenses here

DOWNLOAD: JELSTUDIO_1930sMovieSound_(20180722_windows7-10,x86,x64,VST2,Demo,Full).zip

Alternative download from cloud-sites: List of cloud-sites

1930sMovieSound version: 20180722
File-size: <3 MB
File-format: standard .zip file
download older versions

For both downloads: VST-dll files must be manually copied to your VST plugin folder of choice. There is no auto-installer and no registry-changes. To un-install plugin; simply delete it.

The download contains both the demo-version and the full paid-version in the same download.

When you buy a license you get a password to unlock the 7z compressed file containing the paid-version.
(There is an alternative self-unzipping archive included if you do not have the 7z unzipper-software)

The demo-version is exactly the same as the full paid-version, except it briefly cuts the sound once every minute*
*Note that the demo-version can still be tested in multi-track sessions, as multiple instances of the plugin will cut-out sound at the same time.

PURCHASE: https://sites.fastspring.com/jelstudio/instant/1930smoviesound

Sale is handled via fastspring.com (you can see your options when clicking purchase link above)

Please make sure you have thoroughly tested that the demo runs on your computer without issues before making a purchase!

What you buy is a user-license (in the form of the password needed to unlock the full version in the download file to the left)

Think of this user-license as if it was a piece of physical hardware you purchased (a device or machine, like a tape-recorder or mixing-desk, whether it is for your personal use or for use by employees in your company or students in your institution. You can copy it to your various personal computers as long as it is within common sense of fair-use)

The email you receive after purchase is your proof-of-purchase.

Be advised that JELSTUDIO does NOT get access to your credit-card info. Only your name, address and email.

TALK: Links in this section is to social-media, forums, review-sites, where you can read what others have to say about the plugin

CONTACT: jelstudio@hotmail.com
Email for support or if you have questions, comments or suggestions.
You can also contact/follow JELSTUDIO at Twitter: https://twitter.com/JELSTUDIO

Alternative/Experimental versions: link
Special experimental versions of 1930sMovieSound that may or may not be useful

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